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Computer driving you mad?

If our computers could tell us exactly what was going wrong, it would make our lives a lot easier, but unfortunately they can't, and it can be a real puzzle trying to figure it out.


Often everyday problems can come down to just clutter building up, programs out of date, particuarly windows needing updates. There may be virus problems, with malware, and other bugs. Sadly some browsers have vulnerabilities that allow these things to happen through no fault of our own.


The end result may be a sluggish, unreliable,  glitchy computer, not doing what we need it to be doing.



We can help...

They're often wonderful out of the box and all is great, but have you noticed recently more and more annoying pop-ups, the computer is slower, sometimes pages open you don't want, leading to adverts and offers of free money, sometimes all this can get so bad, you can hardly manage to do what you want to do with the computer.

The majority of the time, the system can be software cleaned, updated, patched and optimised, and it will be just like new, and in some cases, better than new, and you'll soon be surfing the net again without all those troubles and difficulties.

This can be done at home without removing your computer, and you're welcome to be present to ensure your privacy. Alternatively it can be taken away and brought back depending on your wishes.

Computer updating, virus removal, junk cleaning, optimisation, program or app installation and account signups are £25 per hour. £20 to over 60's.  Often one hour may be enough to turn a computer around, and bring it back to health...

No fix, no fee


If it's crawling along trying to deal with all the bad stuff and not working well at all, it may take longer.

If the computer is barely able to start up, we would suggest it's taken away and worked on, which is cheaper, and after assessing how bad it is, we would be able to give you a fixed price repair.

As we surf the internet, websites can download things without us wanting them to, and often requests to do it are disguised as perfectly usual things. They build up, and some of the more malicious ones will monitor your activity, trying to steal your details, and they may then download their friends too - the end result is a computer that can barely work, and often people complain of browser windows opening, sometimes with inappropriate content, and so many, that the computer can't cope at all.

The good news is, the computer itself is fine - it's just infested with bugs, viruses, adware, ransomware, and etc etc - it can all be removed. Anti-virus software can be installed, and your firewall turned on - giving you future defense.

Some people have got into such a terrible mess with their computer they thought they were going to have to throw it away!  Once cleaned out and optimised, and amazed at how well it worked afterwards, some people make a regular one hour clean up and optimisation appointment once every six months to keep it in tip top shape.

No call out fee


An option that some people find useful, is remote assistance. Of course it's reassuring to see a smiling face turn up at the door, but it can be very useful to arrange a remote appointment, where your support technician will log into your computer with your permission and sort out the pickle you're in onscreen, and then log out again. Remote assistance is a cheaper option, but isn't suitable for cleaning and optimising a computer that needs help - it's more suited to dealing with a question on your screen asking you to do something which you don't understand, or something has happened and the buttons at the top of the screen you are using have dissapeared.

Your technician will be able to see your screen, and you'll see them move your mouse, fix the problem, and then leave your system. A technician can only log into your computer with your assistance, and you can assure yourself that they've left afterwards. This option is currently only available for Windows computers.

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