Internet a mystery?
It needn't be.


We can teach you in your home, patiently and in simple easy to understand language, with your instructions then written down for you. It doesn't have to be a trial.

Whether it's browsing the internet, email, online shopping, or video chat - it's all relatively easy to do once someone has explained it and given you personalised instructions. People often find it difficult to attach photos to emails, such a shame, they can mean so much to your loved ones, we can show you how to do that, with easy to follow step by step printed instructions tailor made for you.

We have discounted rates for folks over 60, and while many people benefit just from one or two lessons, enough to then carry on themselves, if you want more, a course can be booked at a discounted rate.

You could be communicating with friends and family around the world at no cost. You could do your shopping online, pay bills online, book appointments online - all from the comfort of your own home. Did you know that free programs like Skype allow you to speak to and see your friends or family for no cost?

We could show you how to print your digital photos, or send them to the internet and have professionally printed ones posted back to you.

With a bit of knowledge, you could be on Facebook assisting with your local community's page, or even start a page of your own... all you need is someone to help take the mystery out of this for you, and leave you with instructions to keep and refer to as and when needed, or every time, it doesn't matter as long as you can do what you want to.

Computer tuition is £25 per hour. Multiple hours attract a discount bring each hour to £20, in one session, or on different dates, if you book them together, you'll get the discount on all of them.

Computer tuition for people over 65 is £20, and again if you'd like to book multiple hours, you'll attract a discount making the price £15 per hour.

How will you know if you need more hours? Good question - why not book an initial hour visit, we can discuss your needs, go over your equipment, and decide whether an initial hour's lesson is for you - there's no charge for this.

If you're a long distance away, there may be a small per mile charge travelling fee, but we also try to avoid this, and would always discuss it with you first.

You can buy gift vouchers if you'd like - if you have a friend or family member frustrated with the internet, but wishing they could do things with it - why not buy them a course of tuition - it may well open up a whole new world to them.




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